Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy


Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the ethos and philosophy of Fiscale and is central in the business decision making process at every level of the company; taking into consideration the interests of all stakeholders including investors, clients, employees, the community and the environment being reflected in the Company’s policies and actions. 

The company takes an active role in the communities in which it operates but also extends the CSR philosophy in training our trainees in life skills as well as the skills required to perform their duties. 

Commitment and Aims

Fiscale are committed to continuous improvement in our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy by:

  • Encouraging our business partners to implement CSR
  • Continually improving our performance and meeting all applicable legislation
  • Informing our staff to be mindful of the effect of their actions on non-renewable resources

The CSR policy applies throughout all activities of the Company.

Fiscale recognises that CSR embraces all aspects of sustainable development and social issues which are of most relevance to our Company so that:

  • Fiscale will operate in a way that safeguards against unfair business practices
  • Fiscale believes that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and communities they serve is a vital part of delivering business success
  • When carrying out our business Fiscale will assess the environmental, social and economic issues which arise
  • Fiscale will continually review all policies and business practices to encourage engagement with business partners and to promote CSR development.

Corporate Governance

Fiscale is committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards; that all the laws which regulate and apply will be complied with; and will endeavour to ensure that stakeholders have confidence in the decision-making and management processes of the service provided by the conduct and professionalism of all staff.

Fiscale will do this by training and developing our staff; all groups and individuals with whom we have a business relationship will be treated in a fair, open and respectful manner; competition will be reasonable and based on the quality, value and integrity of the services being supplied, and Fiscale will encourage clients to give feedback on our performance and ensure that all client comments are analysed, and where appropriate, acted on.


Fiscale’s objective is to endeavour to reduce the impact of the business and all its stakeholders on the environment through a commitment to continual improvement, to reduce the impact of its business operations on the environment by acting responsibly in respect of all activities, by assessing environmental impact, and by reporting openly where required to any appropriate stakeholders.

Human Rights

  • Fiscale aims to support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.
  • All partners are actively encouraged to observe international human rights norms within their work.
  • Fiscale aims to eliminate discrimination based on any grounds (including but not limited to sex, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, age and sexuality) and to promote equality of opportunity.
  • Fiscale operates a zero tolerance position on modern slavery and trafficking and a policy of active support for the law enforcement agencies in this respect.

Procurement of Services

Fiscale will seek to ensure that its suppliers operate within proper and comparable standards of corporate and social policy.

Continuing Improvement

Fiscale will continue to consider and assess its corporate and social responsibilities, the operation of this CSR Policy, and the opportunities to develop and maximise its effectiveness.