Technical uncertainties within Telecommunications
Sector Overview – Telecommunications

Within the latest HMRC statistics on R&D tax credits, we can see that 25% of all claims made under the SME scheme, were for companies operating in the “Information and Communications Technologies” (ICT) sector. This accounts for 26.7% of the total value of claims.

The average claims value is £57,197.

Research and Development Tax Credits within the Telecommunications industry

Long gone are the days where we needed to dial an operator to ask to be connected to another person, when making a phone call. Thankfully so. Over the decades since first launched, the telecommunications industry has evolved at such pace, that it is barely recognisable to just a decade ago. However, to remain competitive within this industry, companies are constantly needing to push the boundaries.

Eligibility for R&D tax credits centres around two key areas. Companies need to be either:

Producing new or improved products.

Design and development of a product involving some degree of uncertainty for which the answers were not obvious.

Companies involved within the modern Telecommunications sector are constantly improving the systems that are used. This is to provide and maintain the services that consumers expect, but also to keep pace with the increased demands that are placed on the systems. As a result, there are a constant stream of opportunities to be had, along with challenges to contend with.

Examples of technological uncertainty within the Telecommunications sector

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  • Fiscale make the process of completing and applying for the R&D tax credits incredibly simple. We had put off applying for several year before meeting Stephen and his team, but they have now helped us successfully four years on the trot.

    Brett Smallcombe, LG Networks

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