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At Fiscale our whole business is focused on managing R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box claims. Day in and day out – we don’t do anything else.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update – How do the Government’ COVID-19 Relief Schemes affect R&D Tax Credits?

With many business owners being required to make decisions that would have been unimaginable at the start of the year, the aim of the following articles is to provide information on how the new COVID-19 relief schemes could affect R&D Tax Credit claims. The reason for this is to provide all the information at this crucial time, to allow business owners to make the best long term decision for their business.

Fiscale are a specialist Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit and Patent Box tax consultancy

Fiscale has a 100% success rate with R&D Tax Credits. The reason for our success lies in the depth and breadth of knowledge that our five Technical Directors, all Chartered Tax Advisors, have in this highly specialised area of taxation.

Therefore, we invest heavily in the professional and personal development of all members of our talented team, as well as in our state of the art systems and processes. Our aim is to improve the client experience and as a result, 100% of our clients would recommend us to another company and 100% would work with us again.

100% Success rate

Fiscale is one of the best and simplest ways to get your R&D Tax Credits claim to HMRC

Zero risk

We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, so there is no risk to our customers

Specialist focus

We are a friendly, approachable and professional team of tax experts

R&D Tax Credits for companies of all sizes

The good news is that the R&D Tax Credits scheme applies to companies of all sizes.

What are R&D tax credits?

R&D Tax Credits were first introduced by the Labour Government in 2000, to encourage businesses to invest in developing ‘new’ or ‘improved’ products. The principle is straightforward, but often misunderstood.

  • Who qualifies for R&D tax relief?

    If you are producing new or improved products or services, you are almost certainly able to claim corporation tax relief from HMRC. Within a 20 minute phone call, we can identify if you qualify.
  • Is it worth it?

    Ultimately, that’s your decision! We think it’s worth investigating – our average claim value is £67,000, for just SIX hours of input from the business.
  • What’s the catch?

    There really isn’t one! If you qualify for R&D tax credits, they are well worth pursuing. Fiscale can handle the entire process for you and maximise your return.

What our clients say

  • Fiscale have enabled us to recoup some of the significant amount of investment that we have made (and continue to make), in new and innovative projects for our digital publishing business. This keeps us at the front of our market.

    Mark Johnston, Vetstream
  • They are a great team that really got to grips with what our company was all about, very quickly.

    Tim Gifford, ELTjam
  • Fantastic service, would highly recommend

    Tom, The Fitness Experts
  • I have been extremely impressed with Fiscale. Their team are extremely professional, take the necessary time to learn about our business and unique Aquarius framework and process our R&D claim in a very efficient and timely manner. The rebate we receive is vital for our continued research and development work. I would highly recommend them.

    Darren Hickey, Managing Director, Fellowship
  • Fiscale came recommended by an industry colleague and we knew we had an R&D case, but underestimated the time we all put into new developments. It was only by thinking it through with Fiscale, during their first visit, that the reality shone through. We all get paid anyhow, so our “New-Stuff” efforts were absorbed in the day to day tasks and totally underestimated. Thanks for shining the light guys!!!

    Mark Ramsden, CPC Chemicals

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