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Our people are our heart

We are a diverse bunch, from Baby Boomers, to Millennials and Generation Z. Working Mums and Dads, to part timers, full timers and those who could have retired!

Whilst we are all different, there are some common traits that draw our team together.

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  • There’s always a new challenge just around the corner with Fiscale. Like every successful business, things move fast. At Fiscale, everyone gets the chance to shape direction and make a real difference.

    Neil Butler, IT Manager for Systems & Clientside
  • My training has been challenging and dedication has been required to get through the exams. However, Fiscale have funded my ATT, along with giving me the time each week to study towards it. This has helped me to manage my workload and put into practice what I am learning. I was ecstatic when I found out that I was ATT qualified and it showed that hard work pays off. I am now on to my CTA exams and hopefully will be qualified by next year, Fiscale are continuing to fund and support me on my studies, which I am very grateful for and appreciate very much.

    Alenka Jessop, Senior Consultant