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At Fiscale, our sole aim is to ensure that our clients are claiming the valuable tax reliefs that they’re eligible for. These are specifically related to Research and Development Tax Credits and Patent Box claims.
Our combined experience within this complex area of taxation, has helped us to secure extra funding for countless companies and within all industries.

Fiscale are a leading Research and Development Tax Credit Consultancy. We help companies within all industry sectors to access valuable tax reliefs

Fiscale is a specialist tax advisory company, formed by John Mayhew and his business partner in 2014. Our aim is to help companies find out whether they can claim R&D tax credits. If they can, we help them to receive the tax credits for which they are eligible. Since 2014, we have helped companies to receive these valuable tax reliefs. As we only focus on R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box relief, our expertise speaks for itself.
Despite helping countless companies to access these valuable funding streams, we believe passionately that there are still many companies who are not claiming. In our experience, most companies that we work with are innovators in their respective fields, but are either not sure (or simply believe) that they are not entitled to claim R&D Tax Credit. However, in most cases we have found this to be incorrect. Therefore, they have been missing out on valuable tax relief, which could significantly increase their funding. In-turn, by accessing these forms of tax relief, companies are able to fund further innovation and create new jobs. Everyone wins!

How Fiscale approach each Research and Development Tax Credits claim

Provide responsible R&D Tax Credits advice

If there is no possibility of claiming the relief, we will tell you; we will not enter a claim unless we firmly believe that you have a valid and qualifying case.
Management Solutions

We operate under the ethical code of the Chartered Institute of Taxation

All advice we provide and claims that we make on behalf of our clients, is of the highest quality; you can place your trust in us to give you honest, open and fair advice throughout the entire process.
Statisfied Client referrals

We aim to build and maintain long-term relationships with each of our clients

Helping claim the relief is only a small part of what we do, we also help in setting up the systems needed to ensure that they comply with their statutory duty and to reduce the future costs of claiming.
Technological uncertainties of furniture manufacturing for R&D Tax Credit

We’re here not to operate as a general tax practice, but to excel in R&D Tax Credits

We can work alongside your incumbent advisors to provide you, the client, with the best possible advice. Over the years we have established some excellent relationships with a large number of advisors, ranging in size from sole practitioners to large regional practices.

We aim to employ the very best people in their fields, ranging from professional tax advisors to experienced business people

The former have a vast amount of experience in the technical aspects of claiming R&D Tax Credit and the latter providing first-hand knowledge and wide ranging experience in running businesses which have claimed R&D Tax Credit.
These values underpin everything we do, therefore making the whole process as open and transparent as possible. We provide our clients with a simple and risk free process for checking eligibility. If we feel as though you have grounds to claim Research and Development Tax Credits, we manage the process from start to finish.

People First

We are authentic, inclusive and care about our people.
People First
We are authentic, inclusive and care about our people.
Develop Our Talent
We invest in our team to help everyone reach their potential.
Client Centric
We focus on delighting all our clients
Our reputation and reliability is a priority.

Could You Be Eligible?

If you would like to discover whether your business may qualify for R&D tax relief