People do business with people

Within our business, the majority of new clients arrive as a result of a recommendation or referral. As a result, it is rare that such referrals do not become clients.

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The motivation to help another business owner is a strong influence, as a result, 60% of our business comes from referrals. If you work with other businesses or have a network of contacts, we should talk.
As a result we have a referral scheme that suits all business types. However, if you have any different ideas on how we could partner with one another, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always looking for better ways to collaborate with people.

Client Referrers

A client referrer is simply an existing client who refers another business contact to Fiscale. 100% of our clients say they would recommend Fiscale, which we are delighted about. As a result, many of them do just that by referring Fiscale to their suppliers, friends, family and even, in one case, to their competitors!

What is a client referrer?

Our clients have experienced first-hand, how painless and rewarding the process of claiming R&D Tax Credits through Fiscale can actually be. As a result, they’re eager to share their good fortune and see others benefit.

Often companies are reticent to make a claim because they think it will be too much of a strain on their resources. Our clients are well aware that the return on time invested can be significant. Therefore, they are the best ambassadors for our service.
I think it is fair to say that we have become real advocates of the R&D Tax Credit scheme. We have recommended it to a number of business colleagues who we think, may be eligible. Of course it does take some time to set up but the returns completely justify the effort
David Bowie, MD of D&G Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Strategic Referrers

Professional services providers and consultants tend to look for ways to strengthen their relationships and build loyalty with their clients. Therefore, by introducing their clients to Fiscale and in facilitating a successful R&D Tax Credits claim, is an ideal way to add tangible value.

What is a strategic referrer?

A business support organisation tasked with offering free advice to SMEs, to drive economic growth. R&D Tax Credits offer an ideal opportunity to achieve this objective, by rewarding investment in eligible research and development activities

Businesses that provide professional services, such as banks, financial advisors, insurance brokers and solicitors Consultants offering specialist business support – for example accountancy, business management, IT or marketing
In my role as a business advisor I signpost SMEs to different funding streams, which they may be able to access. R&D Tax Credits are an underutilised incentive and I feel that it is important to raise awareness of the scheme, along with the potential benefits.
It is very satisfying to know that many of the businesses I have seen in this role, have had a successful claim from an initiative that they had no idea existed until they came into contact with the Growth Hub.
Richard Glinn, New Anglia Growth Hub
I am always looking for ways to add value for my clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Fiscale to the companies I work with, as I know that the team is highly professional and their expertise in R&D Tax Credits is second to none. My clients appreciate the introduction and are very happy when they receive their refund from HMRC.
Keeping my clients happy is my top priority.
Elaine Carr, FlipFlop Marketing Ltd