Working with Accountants

Imagine if you could add even more value to your clients, without increasing your workload or fees!

We work with accountancy practices of all shapes and sizes, throughout the UK.
Helping to navigate the complexities of R&D, to uncover all qualifying activities.

Working with accountants to become their virtual R&D Tax Credit experts

Here at Fiscale, we are not in competition with accountants, as our business is focussed solely on R&D Tax Credits and the Patent Box. As a result, we work in partnership with many accountants, as their trusted advisors in this highly specialised area of taxation. Therefore, by giving them access to our specialist expertise, accountants can offer the very best advice relating to R&D Tax Credits. Resulting in us being able to add real value to the services that they have to offer.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits – an Accountant’s Perspective

As specialists in the areas of R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box claims, we are working with businesses and HMRC on a daily basis. As a result, our team understands the nuances of technological and scientific uncertainty, because it is all we do. Our experience means that we know what will satisfy the requirements of HMRC, but more importantly, how to interpret their guidelines. Therefore, by using a specialist R&D tax advisor, this means that claims can generally be researched and submitted more quickly. At Fiscale we are able to research and write our detailed report in an 8-12 week timeframe. We have a team of R&D tax specialists and have developed bespoke IT systems to enable us to achieve this turnaround time. HMRC typically take 4 weeks to process the claim. In over 50% of all cases when we have reviewed a prior-year claim, we have been able to identify additional allowable R&D expenditure. This results in an increased value of the claim for the client.

How Fiscale work with Accountants

Fiscale only deal with the specialist tax areas of R&D tax credit and Patent Box, so there is no conflict of interest. We do not offer a range of accounting services. From the professional team we employ to the bespoke systems that we have developed – everything in the business is geared around managing R&D tax credits claims.
An investment of over £100,000 has been made in two bespoke systems that are designed to manage clients and projects more efficiently. As a result, the accountants that we work with, can benefit from increased client satisfaction and loyalty. Trust is key… these are your clients and you can feel confident that we will add value to the relationship and not detract from it. If you would like Fiscale to review your clients, helping to identify those who might have a viable R&D Tax Credit claim, we can do this.

We become your virtual R&D Tax Credits department

We add value for your clients

We enhance your service offering

Proven track record

Strong reputation

Review of R&D Tax Credit claim

Robust and tested claims processes

Stringent reporting systems in place

We remove the hassle of R&D Tax Credit claims

What happens if you choose to team up with Fiscale?

Very simply, we take care of everything!
Our preferred approach is for you to introduce your client to us, and once professionally engaged with them, we would have a joint technical meeting. Following this, our team would liaise directly with the client and we would report back to you with regular progress reports. However, if you or your client, would prefer for you to be involved throughout the process, we can accommodate this. Following HMRC processing the claim, we will set up a meeting with you and your client, to examine any recommendations for changes in the Chart of Accounts. This is to facilitate future claims and to make the process simpler in future. Furthermore, we would set up a series of future meetings to monitor developments in their business. This will help to make future claims easier to process.