Cyberaid Ltd

Industry – Software Number of years claimed – 4 Type of claim – R&D Tax Credits (SME Scheme)

Research and Development Tax Credits case study for Cyberaid Limited

Haverhill based Cyberaid has been developing Payroll, HR, Training, Recruitment and Time and Attendance software solutions for an eclectic range of clients for the last thirty five years. A phone call from Fiscale opened up a whole new revenue stream for this long established and successful business.

The Background

Cyberaid was formed in 1980 to offer bespoke software development services in the specialised areas of Payroll and Human Resources (HR). They went on to launch their first payroll software product in 1983. The team at Cyberaid have an intimate understanding of payroll, HR and business operations. This is important, as this expertise is applied to the development process. The overall aim for each new program, is to increase efficiency and improve business agility.

The Challenge

Any business with employees is required to comply with Payroll and Employment legislation, and software makes this more efficient. Software providers are required to incorporate changes to legislation within their software to tight deadlines. They also need to assure users of security as they hold sensitive data, such as bank account details and national insurance numbers. With high-profile hacks hitting the headlines on a regular basis, software security is at the top of the development agenda at Cyberaid. The team constantly test their software packages against the latest threats and vulnerabilities, to ensure the software remains robust. Testing involves a degree of technological uncertainty, as the team work their way through diverse and complex “what if” scenarios. A number of Cyberaid’s clients require software solutions that will fully integrate with existing business management systems. In these cases, Cyberaid will develop bespoke solutions to meet these requirements. This process involves technological uncertainty, as this takes extensive research and development from the team of analysts, systems developers and programmers.

The Results

Cyberaid banked their cheque within 12 weeks of their initial phone call with Fiscale.
I worked with Stephen Bunting many years ago and was one of the first companies to submit an R&D Tax Credits claim, when the scheme first started. Back then it was a lot more complex and although the outcome was successful, the experience put me off ever claiming again! However, Stephen managed to convince me that the scheme has moved on and that it could be of benefit to my business. Crucially, all claims are now authorised by the HMRC in advance, rather than submitted as a ‘given’ on the tax return, which made all the difference on my decision to claim. With their no win, no fee guarantee and a 100% success rate for the claims they have made for clients, I realised that I didn’t have anything to lose. It soon became apparent that the nature of the market we operate in, drives a huge amount of Research and Development into products. Many man hours are devoted to improving our software. We don’t have a choice. This time has to be invested in, if we want to keep our products current, reliable and secure. I am glad that Stephen persuaded me to revisit the R&D Tax Credits scheme, as it has certainly paid off. It did require a bit of effort from me in the beginning but given the size of the relief received, it was well worth my time. I enjoyed working with Fiscale. They are a very professional team and they deliver what they say they are going to. I am looking forward to our continuing relationship and the ongoing benefits that the R&D Tax Credits Scheme can bring.
Gillian Blackmore, Managing Director, Cyberaid

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