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Vetstream offer a unique range of online content to veterinary practices and manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Over the years Vetstream has invested heavily in the development of applications which bring education and innovation to veterinary practices at the touch of a button

R&D Tax Credit claim within the Software industry

Research and Development Tax Credits case study for Vetstream

Established in 1997, Vetstream is recognised as a world leader in the creation and development of content based applications for veterinary practices. Their cloud based software allows veterinary practitioners to access Vetstream’s extensive database of essential content, in real-time and on any internet enabled device. This assists in the diagnosis and treatment of the animals under their care.

The Challenge

Vetsream’s main client base consists mainly of veterinary practitioners who are looking for information but also acts as a vital conduit for all other facets of the industry. By placing themselves at the centre of the veterinary sector as a training resource, directory and a peer-reviewed clinical guide, they have placed themselves as the global leader. Vetstream collaborates with over 900 veterinary clinicians from around the world,

giving their clients the ability to access accurate and up to date information, at the touch of a button. This not only saves time, but removes much of the frustration that other methods of research have.

However, managing such large volumes of information, without significant investment, would be an almost impossible task.

The Results

Fortunately, Fiscale came highly recommended by two of Vetsream’s trusted advisors. Following their initial enquiry, our team of advisors met with Vetstream to speak about their business and to identify the types of software development that they are involved with. Following this, we advised them on the entire process, helping them to collate all of the information required for a successful claim.

Once all the information had been collated, Fiscale prepared the report for HMRC. The report was reviewed and approved by Vetstream and their accountant, before being submitted to the R&D Tax Credits team.

The Conclusion

Vetstream received a cheque from HMRC within 12 weeks of making the first phone call to Fiscale. The team were delighted with the amount of the credit and the fact that Fiscale’s expertise had increased the size of their claim by a further 10%.

Fiscale’s expertise and professionalism was impressive. We immediately felt reassured that the team knew what they were doing.

They worked closely with our accountant and the majority of the information gathering didn’t involve me at all, which was a relief. Time is our most precious resource and when you are running such a busy and dynamic organisation, it really is in short supply.

I was very pleased that the demands on our internal resources were kept to an absolute minimum. It probably took less than a day of our accountant’s time – the return on investment was well worth it. Now we have robust systems in place to ensure that future R&D claims will be much easier to put together.

The team from Fiscale are excellent. It is an extremely professional company and they have done a great job for Vetstream.

Dr G. Mark Johnston MA VetMB PhD MRCVS, MD of Vetstream

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