About us.
The Fiscale story and values

Fiscale was established in February 2014 and has now grown into a company with 20 full-time members of staff and a national network of Partners and Advisors

We credit much of this success to our founding ideology, along with the amazing team that has been assembled over the years.

Fiscale’s values and ethos

Fiscale was set up out of John Mayhew’s frustration when trying to obtain reliable advice on R&D tax credit, while as the owner of a software company. John eventually secured over £300,000 of R&D tax credits over a five year period, with professional assistance.

Following the eventual sale of his business (and short-lived retirement), John then decided to launch a new business, aimed at helping others to access R&D Tax Credits. More importantly, to make it as easy as possible. As a result of his 100% success rate in making R&D Tax Credit claims.

The rest as they say, is history!

Since 2014, Fiscale has grown from strength to strength. As a result, we’re able to help businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

What contributes to Fiscale’s success

  • Satisfying a real need for sound advice and guidance within a complex area of tax
  • Successfully raising awareness of R&D tax credit
  • Demystifying R&D tax credit and illustrating the huge benefits of the initiative to business owners
  • Identifying and investing in talented people from the outset
  • Developing a strong network of partners
  • Engaging with the local communities that we operate in
  • Focussing on improving systems and processes that improve the management of claims, while enhancing the client experience
  • Instilling a strong set of values within the company

We constantly strive to be a high performing team, which we achieve through open communication and by listening and giving constructive feedback (both internally and to our clients). As a result, we work together with trust, respect and having fun along the way.

Employee wellbeing is of paramount importance to us, therefore, each member of staff have fitbits and gym membership. We also look after the mental health of our team through stress management workshops and individual sessions with a life coach. Alongside this, all staff have access to mental health first aiders.

Last, but by no means least, we believe in continued training and development for each member of staff, through a wide range of apprenticeships and chartered training academies.
All of this has lead to us proudly being awarded Investors In People (IIP) Gold Award!!

Our employee created values

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