Explore the opportunity of becoming a Fiscale Partner

Bringing a wealth of experience to Fiscale, our Partner network is essentially a franchisee and consists of accountants, business coaches and experts from all sectors of business.
To become part of our national network, let’s speak.

Why become a Fiscale Partner?

Since February 2014 Fiscale has built a highly successful R&D Tax Credit advisory business. We have developed five Partners along the way and have been able to road test the plan, the systems, the operational processes, the communications and most importantly the training programme.

The business model gives us the opportunity to handle new business and client management at a local level – wherever our clients are based. And it works. 40% of our new business comes through the Partner network. It is now tried and tested. We have the right people in place, a talented and committed team of tax experts and administrators, to support further growth within the business. Investment in robust internal systems and processes enables efficient management of the R&D tax credit claim, from start to finish. Fiscale has a strategy to expand the Partner network over the next three years.

To support our own clients and those of our partner, Fiscale has developed a sophisticated ‘All through Business Process’ mapped to its HUB CRM software. The process has over 60 stages from the initial identification of a Lead or Prospect, through researching and submitting the claim, and tracking fee invoicing to the client and subsequent payment. The system then rolls back to the early stages and starts to process the second or subsequent claim. The HUB, which is used by the whole company, including partners, increases productivity and removes the manual aspect of progress-chasing the minutiae of a successful claim.

What operating as a Fiscale Partner involves

Your responsibilities as a Partner will be to identify and engage UK businesses, who may be eligible to claim R&D tax credit on their research and development activities. The biggest challenge of the R&D Tax Credits scheme is to convince business owners that R&D Tax Credits is not ‘too good to be true’ or that by making a claim, the business will come under unwanted scrutiny from HMRC. Once these objections have been overcome most business owners cannot believe why they did not make a claim earlier! The main focus of your Partner role is to educate businesses to the benefits of R&D tax credits. Once you have identified that they may be eligible and they have agreed to proceed, the claim is passed over to our specialist technical team to process.

Fiscale Facts and Figures

Over £30 milion recouped for our clients

Average first year claim value of £67,000

100% of our clients would work with us again

100% of our clients would recommend us

100% of our clients were satisfied with the outcome of claiming

The Fiscale Family

Whilst a running a Fiscale Partner office is very definitely your own business, you will be treated as a part of the Fiscale team. As a result, you will receive ongoing support to do the job efficiently. You will also be invited to attend regular company meetings and social gatherings.

How To Become A Fiscale Partner

Send us your details

We would then be in touch to arrange an initial telephone discussion with one of our senior management team.

If appropriate, a face to face interview would then be arranged with our Chairman, John Mayhew.

The meeting would take place at Fiscale’s Head Office in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Following a successful interview, applicants would be invited to spend two “Discovery Days” within the office.

Day one would be spent learning what the day-to-day operation of running a Partner office involves. Day two would be with our technical team, gaining an insight into the complexities surrounding R&D Tax Credits and the operational systems that we have in place.

If we are both confident with the outcome of the “Discovery Days” (and subject to Due Diligence), we would invite you to become a Fiscale Partner.

Following both parties signing the Partner Agreement, new Partners will start working on an agreed date.

We will also provide full training and ongoing support.