Tom Yeung – Norfolk

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits consultant in Norfolk

Tom Yeung

R&D Tax Credit Consultant

Tom joined our team in July 2019. He is working with clients across East of England, Midlands and the North East regions. Tom proactively promotes R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box, directly to business owners via workshops, training events, networking and working with professional referrers.

An introduction to Tom:

Tom is a highly successful MBA qualified business consultant, helping companies to accelerate their growth, by working the business owners on both growth strategies and team engagement.

His passion is to get the companies working effectively and efficiently, where the responsibility for growth is shared across the wider team rather than being just the sole responsibility of the owner or the senior team.

Since joining the team last year, Tom has already made some successful claims where the owners have re-invested some of the awarded money back into company growth activities.

Since 2008, Tom has worked with over 40 businesses, generating over £40m in additional turnover and £19m in profits; however, most importantly, none of the businesses require the owner to be involved in the day-to-day activities anymore.

His career stems from working over 30 years for blue chip FMCG companies, on household names, such as Andrex, Kleenex, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Ambi-Pur (to name a few).

He has worked in Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Operations, Production, International Development and as a Business Strategist, before becoming a Managing Director of a £38m business. Within three years and under Tom’s guidance, that company recorded record profits, on £43m turnover.

Tom sees R&D Tax Credits as an excellent way of funding business growth, keeping them ahead of their competitors and facilitating change to alleviate pressure off the owners.

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