Alex Forbes – Essex

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits consultant in Essex

Alex Forbes

R&D Tax Credit Consultant

Alex Forbes is Fiscale’s first Partner, joining the company in April 2016. Operating countrywide, having a particular speciality within the “Fit-Out” industry and the “Set and Scenery”, Film and TV industry. Many of the biggest names in these sectors are now using Fiscale to handle their R&D claims. The results have been nothing less than phenomenal. The largest one year claim, so far, is £3,940,000 and this is with a company who use one of the major accounting practices. Being a specialist with experience of identifying R&D within particular sectors has given us the confidence to maximise our clients claims with the confidence of a 100% success rate. Guiding our clients through the initial stages of the claim, before being passed to one of Fiscale’s Chartered Tax Advisors, who will prepare and present the client’s claim. It is that straight forward.

An introduction to Alex: 

With a degree in Business Studies and 30 years within the City of London as Managing Director and owner of a Financial Recruitment Agency, Alex understands the pressures of running a business and also the advantages of adding a new income stream to your company’s bottom line. After selling his London business he was offered the opportunity to join Fiscale. Having dealt first hand with board members from companies large and small he has used his experience to explain to potential clients how the R&D scheme works and how it will benefit their company.

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